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¡No!. Sólo un hijo de puta.

¿Qué pensáis al ver a alguien de esta calaña?. Esto sucedió en el programa Pekín Express, supongo que para alegría de quienes intentan emitir siempre basura.


No!. He’s only a son of a bitch.

What do you think when you see people of that sort?. It happened on the TV show Peking Express, I suppose it will make the day to those who always want to broadcast rubbish.

Explanation: They’ve to be the first at the goal to win the competition, so they lie to the people (because “in India nobody help others”) saying that the need to be the first to help children of India. And this guy finish off with his phrase: “… And people are surprised of this country being backward. I don’t, knowing their mentality”.

फिर मिलेंग ~ Hasta luego ~ See you later.


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